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The Nifty Team

michelle hensleyWhy did you start Nifty Package Company?

The year after my husband passed away from cancer, I knew I had to find a way to create income for myself. I had spent several years running a non-profit and then had taken some time to process the grief and transition from being a wife and mother to a single working woman. I was offered several corporate positions, however, they demanded a rigid schedule with little flexibility, so I started to realize that I did not want to go back into the corporate world. 

My children encouraged me to consider reopening my gift business that I had previously owned when they were very young. They helped me to see that I had an innate entrepreneurial spirit. I saw the benefit that working for yourself provides, including the ability to be flexible, independent and creative. I also wanted to offer other women like myself an opportunity to work in an understanding, family friendly environment and to use their gifts and talents. This sparked my decision to open Nifty Package Co.

What do you love about what NPC does?

I love giving! It is fantastic that we are able to empower others who want to show gratitude, and we help them do it well. A few great gift companies are selling online and in boutiques, but we offer a unique experience. We provide a completely personal gift concierge service that will come to your office and create strategic custom gifts just for you. We learn about the recipient, and we’re sensitive to their specific needs and tastes because knowing your audience is essential to gift giving. I especially always love when I get to deliver the gifts and watch the faces of the recipients who are amazed at the quality and thoughtfulness.

Gratitude doesn't cost much

Helping others show gratitude, whether or not a handwritten card and a very expensive gift is something I love to do. I learned a great lesson many years ago from a terrific woman who runs a local non-profit helping and serving the motel children and families in Orange County, she said, "thank before you bank," in reference to when I received a donation no matter what that amount. That statement has made a huge impact on my life and I instantly committed it to memory. When someone does something for me, gives me something or donates to YAS, I send a thank you. Even more so those who work alongside me. Sometimes it is a small thank you. But I never forget that thank you are two very powerful words and even more so when accompanied by a thoughtful gift.

I also truly appreciate the fact that we are fully owned and operated by women with a mix of diverse backgrounds, educations, and areas of creativity. I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to be very active in our local community, to support small businesses, and to be ethically minded when sourcing our products. 

How does a thoughtful, custom gift stand out? 

In any situation, giving a well-thought out gift is an expression of you or your company to the recipient. It does not matter if the receiver or giver is a corporate CEO, an admin working for a small family business or your gardener; the feeling that is created when you care enough to send a personal, well-packaged gift is priceless. The whole gifting experience creates a profound sense of joy and appreciation for all parties involved.

One of my favorite quotes about gratitude & giving 

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

~ William Arthur Ward

Michelle Hensley founded NPC in 2015, and she has several degrees that she earned while raising seven children as a single mom. She also ran a successful non-profit, You Are Special, until after two years of battling malignant melanoma, her husband passed away. Michelle embraces every challenge with tenacity and determination, exploring effective leadership and helping others develop their passions. She currently frequents the local chamber, Orange Chamber of Commerce, The Orange Rotary, and others. She’s also active in serving her local community, is a life coach for widows and is passionate about fitness. 

A message from our owner, Michelle Hensley:

When Nifty first started, as most of you know, our team was smaller but still diverse.  We choose to look at our skills, not our skin, our efforts and teamwork over anything else!  We have grown together through loss of a young spouse, loss of finance, wrong decisions, but we stick to hard work and creativity.

Although I started this business out of a need to work remotely myself, behind the scenes of Nifty is an incredible team.  This team of different cultures, different backgrounds, ages ranging from 22-72, we work extremely well together.  Everyone has a voice.  Although I start the proposals and mock-ups, this team beside me perfects what goes out the door in order for the recipient to receive exactly what the client wanted.

Meet Our Team

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