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Nifty Package Co. Gourmet Gifts: Moving Day Gift Set, Housewarming

Gift 2 - Moving Day Gift Basket



1 White Board
1 Clear Tape
1 Multipurpose Tape
1 Toilet Paper Roll
1 Magnetic Tape Measure
1 Fabric Measuring Tape
2 Yellow Sticky notepads
1 Package of Sticky Labels
1 Door Stop
2 Boxed waters
2 Gardening Gloves
2 Sharpie Markers
Design details: Cardboard box with shred
Lead times: Usually 2 business days. However, if there is a large order, it can take up to 2 weeks to fill the order.
Important Note: Please list any addresses for delivery in the "Notes" section when you check out.

Subtotal Price: $41.00

Delivery Fee: $10.00

Total Price: $51.00

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