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Where your love of being an entrepreneur meets your passion for gift wrapping and gift baskets.

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Reasons why Nifty Package is disrupting the traditional corporate gift, gift basket and gift wrapping experience…

The Opportunity

With Covid hitting the traditional retail environment, coupled by people concerned about their well being and having less and less time to get things done, the opportunity is clear. At Nifty, we seek to partner with like-minded people who have a strong desire to drive change after losing their job, becoming a widow or divorcee, maturning yet a desire to work and have fun, young people who want to control their time yet have a passion for creativity and business can pursue their passion to work, run your own small business, create your own hours from your home and be their own boss.


Our Franchise Partners are provided all the tools necessary to help them start and run their business. The support network from Head Office and other Franchise Partners alike provide you the tools you need to make your business a success.

Multiple Revenue Streams

There are multiple ways to earn revenue beyond gift baskets, corporate gifts and gift wrapping. Gift wrap papers, boxes and accessories, are a few other areas that can provide ongoing monthly revenue streams.


The Nifty Support Team will help with route- management, inventory, sales, marketing, onsite training, and field support, and video classes When you need help, there is endless support available.

Nifty University

The Nifty Support Team is building an extensive platform for onboarding, training and ongoing learning, called Nifty University. The platform is intended to build sales, knowledge and increase operational productivity.

Low Initial Investment

The initial investment for launching a Nifty Mobile Gift and Gift Wrap business is low. Tie that in with ongoing low overhead for launching your own corporate gift, gift basket and gift wrap shop is more affordable than ever and you can work from home.

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