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What to Put in a Woman's Gift Basket

What to Put in a Woman's Gift Basket

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There's someone special in your life, and it would be great to come up with the perfect gift basket for her. Whether it's a mother, a sister, a love interest, or a good friend, you can bet there are gift basket ideas for women that will be a perfect fit. Consider these ideas and how they would work for the intended recipient.

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Goodies That Make For a Happy Birthday

Birthdays are a time to be indulged. You may be aware of what the recipient happens to like in the way of things to munch on. If so, then this is one of the best basket ideas for her: fill the basket with every type of treatment that she's not likely to buy for herself on a regular basis. 

You'll find that something to drink as well as fun things to eat will be appreciated. Perhaps something simple like cheese straws paired with some type of wine would be ideal. The best thing is that not everyone else will think of providing this type of treatment on her birthday. 

Something For the Reader on Your List

Do you know someone who loves to curl up with a good book? While you may find it difficult to identify a book that she hasn't read yet, there's no reason why you can fill a basket with items she can enjoy while she reads. 

Consider filling the basket with flavored coffees or possibly an assortment of hot chocolate mixes. Add in something that's quick and easy to open and munch while reading. You may even include something fun like a new bookmark. 

The beauty of this type of gift for readers is that it works for many of the women in your life. It's an excellent sister gift basket ideas and will do equally well for a coworker that loves to read. 

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Remembering a Mother on Her Special Day

Mother's Day is coming soon, and you want to be ready. Whether it's your own mom, the mother of your children, or a woman who has served as a mother figure in your life, there are plenty of options for what to include. 

Feel free to provide an eclectic mix that speaks to more than one hobby or interest. Chocolate is always a good choice, but feel free to include beauty products that you know she loves. Vouchers for a day at the spa or even a gift certificate to a restaurant that she happens to love will be a welcome addition. 

Everything Needed For a Luxurious Milk Bath

Every woman deserves pampering once in a while. What says pampering is better than all the things needed to enjoy a milk bath? When it comes to relaxing basket ideas, this one should be at the top of the list. 

Milk bath bombs are a good idea to use as the centerpiece for the basket. You can also add in a luxury towel, a loofah sponge, and a scented candle or two. Why not go all the way and include a face mask and body lotions to make the experience even better? 

Sweets and Savories For the Sports-Minded Lady

Most people understand that women are just as likely to enjoy sporting events as men. Why shouldn't they have their own basket of goodies to enjoy during a game? You can work with a service that offers gift baskets by design to come up with the perfect content. 

Here, the focus is on content that can be opened and enjoyed without any preparation. Think of snack foods like flavored popcorn, candy bars, toffee, and a number of soft treats. Feel free to include her favorite soft drink or possibly a beer or two that she enjoys. Cashews, peanuts,  or an assortment will also be ideal for game time. 

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A Tea Assortment Paired With a Beautiful Cup and Saucer

What do you get for a more mature woman? Some of the more usual selections may not be appropriate. One option that is sure to please is a basket that includes a selection of teas. 

Augment the teas with a beautiful cup and saucer. Don't forget that you can add in things like an infuser, a sugar spoon, biscuits, small jars of preserves, and other things that would be ideal for afternoon tea. The key to coming up with ideas for gift baskets for elderly women is to consider what sort of teas, preserves, and biscuits would be most appreciated. 

Something to Enjoy While Bouncing Back

What about someone who is moving through a difficult time? It could be the loss of a spouse, a divorce, a job loss, or some other event that has left her feeling a little down. There are ways to put together care packages for women that will help them enjoy a respite from whatever she is dealing with at present. 

Consider what sort of situation she is moving through. That will provide some ideas on what to include and what to specifically leave out. Along with something good to eat, consider adding in a small book of inspirational quotes, teas that can help her relax, and some special treat that is sure to help her feel a little better. 

Care packages can also be practical for women who are setting up a new place to live. Kitchen towels, dry goods that she will need, or the makings for a spaghetti dinner, complete with a bottle of wine, are likely to be appreciated. 

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Valentine's Day Goodies That Say, Love

How about a love basket for her that is truly memorable? This is fine for a love interest at any time, but it's especially appreciated when Valentine's Day is on the horizon. Love will be the theme for this basket. 

Chocolates are definitely involved, but make sure they are high-quality ones. High-end sweets that add variety are also a good idea. Fruit or dried fruit will also be a good addition, as is something like cheese with a type of crackers that she enjoys. 

A Collection of Dried Fruits and Nuts

What do you get for a woman that doesn't need to be consumed immediately but will provide something tasty when the time is right? Consider the idea of opting for different types of dried fruits and nuts. The great thing about this approach is that nothing requires refrigeration, and it's easy to keep them handy in any room of the house. 

These kinds of ladies' gift bag ideas work well for women of all ages. It's easy enough to enjoy a few things for a quick snack, then leave the rest for later. The fact that the snacks are all healthy will also be appealing to a lot of women. 

Gardening Tools and Supplies

What if the lady you have in mind loves to spend time working on flower beds or tending a vegetable garden? There are plenty of options for filling women's gift boxes will all sorts of things related to gardening. All it takes is a little imagination. 

Consider a new set of gardening gloves and possibly a smaller gardening tool of two. Add in seeds for flowers or any vegetables that grow well in the local climate. Some sunscreen and maybe a bandana would come in handy. For cleaning up, scented hand soaps and some sort of hand lotion would be great for use after tending the garden. 

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Luxury Chocolates From Around the World

Chocolate is a safe bet in most cases. If you happen to know that the lady on your list loves chocolate, this is your chance to introduce her to some of the finest chocolates in the world. Go with an assortment of chocolates that range from dark chocolate squares to chocolates with all sorts of wonderful fillings. 

A bonus of this kind of gift box for women is that she may find one or more of those luxury brands, especially to her liking. Make a note of that, and you can put the information to good use when it's time to plan for another gift. 

Scented Candles Galore

If she loves to use scented candles, why not make sure she has plenty? You can arrange for a basket that's filled with all sorts of candles offering a variety of scents. Choose based on what you know about her preferences. 

For example, she may be a fan of citrus scents. If that's the case, make sure every candle has the scent of some sort of citrus fruit. You won't have any trouble finding enough different scents to make the basket a true delight. 

Remember that your goal is to select scented candles that will provide the desired scent as long as the candle lasts. Less expensive candles are usually made by applying the scent to a couple of outer layers of the wax. Higher quality candles have the scent infused throughout the wax. The latter is what you want for her basket. 

Deciding what to put in a woman's gift basket requires knowing a bit about what the woman in question enjoys. Taking personal preferences into consideration and possibly focusing on basket contents that she may or may not buy for herself often can yield a number of creative and delightful ideas. You can rest assured that a thoughtful approach will bring a smile to her face.

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