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The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude

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"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow"

~ Melody Beattie

Do you remember the last time someone surprised you? The art of surprise leaves a remarkable impression!

I had the privilege of growing up in a family business where I was exposed to the broad picture of business from an early age and was given additional responsibilities and higher expectations as I grew older. Throughout my younger years, many business lessons were taught, both intentionally and by example, including this well-kept secret of surprise. 

As Nifty Packaging Co began preparation for this holiday season, our team discussed business gift giving as a show of appreciation and a tool. I brought up my mom’s well-thought-out strategy from 40 years ago of gifting around Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. This not only avoided the religious conflict of the winter holidays but also stood out in our clients’ onslaught of holiday bounty. Our sales people delivered our company’s annual signature gift weeks before our competition's gifts started to pour in all at once in December. This was a brilliant model for a surprise gesture that further cemented our relationship with our clients.

This year, use this season as an opportunity to utilize the element of surprise as well as thankfulness and appreciation. As you focus on showing gratitude to your clients, our team is ready to create a gift as unique as you and your company!  

~ Linda Moffit, NPC Gift Designer


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