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How to Wrap a Gift for Christmas & New Year: Creative Ideas

How to Wrap a Gift for Christmas & New Year: Creative Ideas

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Christmas gifting means making plans to wrap those gifts before presenting them to the recipients. While you always have the option of buying gift bags or wrapping paper intended for the occasion, there are other gift wrapping ideas that may appeal to your sensibilities. By putting those ideas to good use, the wrap may be almost as fun as what's inside.  


If this sounds like a good idea to you, then read on. You may find one or more ideas that will delight the eye and do the act of giving gifts even more fun than it already happens to be. 

Before You Begin: Preparation is a Wonderful Thing

Before you embark on any effort at custom gift wrapping, it pays to think about what you will need in order to make it happen. This is true whether you're preparing holiday gift baskets for clients or gifts for your loved ones. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for getting those gifts ready for presentation.  


Boxes are definitely something that you want to collect. They will work well for a number of gifts. Feel free to look in all sorts of places for boxes that are the right size for the things you plan on giving.  


Along with boxes to package gifts, be on the lookout for baskets and tins that you can put to good use. Crates, covered casserole dishes, and serving bowls can also be on your shortlist and work well when you're assembling gifts. Even for something like wine gift baskets, a terracotta wine cooler or an ice bucket would be a great container to consider. 


Take a good look at what sort of containers would work best with the gifts you have in mind. Once they are in place, you'll be ready to move on to the gift wrapping. 

Assembling The Things, You'll Need to Wrap Gifts

Start with the basics since they will likely apply to just about any type of wrapping that you'll do. These include plenty of tapes, preferably tape that is clear and hard to see on the finished packaging. The goal is to make use of the Christmas wrapper without marring or obscuring the look with tape.  


Plenty of ribbons is a must. You can also keep bows at the ready, just in case you're not the greatest at making bows out of ribbon. Even with pre-made bows, you can enhance them by placing ribbons under those bows and making them stand out more. 


You can also get gift tags at all sorts of venues, including gift-wrapping stores. Get a variety of sizes with more than one design. That will ensure you have something that looks good on packages of any size, whether it be a giant gift basket or a simple gift package box containing a piece of jewelry. 

10 Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts

While conventional wrapping paper is always an option, it's not the only one. In fact, there are plenty of options for wrapping gifts that are worth considering. Consider these ten alternatives, especially those that involve materials that you already have around the house.  


*Brown Paper Bags

10 Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts

From the brown paper bags that you can still buy for lunches to the larger ones that some supermarkets use instead of plastic, there's a lot you can do with these bags. Feel free to cut them to fit the size that you need. If the bag has a supermarket logo on one side, make sure the other side is facing out.  


To add some punch to the bags, use stencils to add colors and shapes appropriate for the holiday or that have some special meaning to the recipient. Colorful ribbon works well too. If you like, opt for a natural theme, and use springs of mistletoe, pine, or holly to make the package pop. 


*Using Scarfs or Cloth Napkins

Using Scarfs or Cloth Napkins

What do you think about making the wrapping a gift too? It's easy if you use a scarf or cloth napkins for the wrapping. Wrap and fold around the box so that everything is smooth and even. You can even secure it in place using ribbon, making the need for tape obsolete.  


What if the gift is an unusual size? Not a problem with this approach. Place the gift on a flat scarf, gather the ends upward, then secure it in place with ribbon. Add a bow if you like. 


*Kitchen Towels Work Too

Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are another great way to gift wrap baskets, crates, and other types of containers. Like the scarfs, wrap the towels around the container, and use ribbon to hold everything in place. Instead of wrapping paper to throw away, the recipient has something new to use in the year to come. 



*And there are Always Shirts and Jeans

Shirts and Jeans

How about using clothing as the wrapping? It's easy enough to invest in inexpensive tee shirts, sweaters, and other garments that will easily obscure whatever is inside. The ribbon tied just so will hold it all in place. 


You can even use garments like jeans as the wrapping. This can be a great surprise when the gift in the box is something else to wear, and that something happens to go well with jeans. 


*Pillow Cases to the Rescue

Pillow Cases to the Rescue

Pillowcases are versatile options for wrapping gifts. They are a good size that makes it easy to fit around all sorts of boxes. Even without a box, this solution works well for larger stuffed toys and similar gifts. Ribbon also works well to secure everything. Consider a top knot that's covered with a curling ribbon that cascades down the sides of the wrapped gift. 


*Don't Forget About Using Aluminum Foil

Using Aluminum Foil

A few decades ago, using aluminum foil was a trend with holiday wrapping. It was easy, inexpensive, and looked great under those brand-new aluminum Christmas trees. The thing is that you can still use this method today.  


Grab the aluminum foil out of the kitchen drawer and use it just as you would use ordinary wrapping paper. if you want some texture, wrinkle the foil before wrapping the gift. The invisible tape will secure the ends, and you can top off the wrapping with colorful bows and ribbons.


*Reuse Vintage Holiday Tins

Vintage Holiday Tins

Holiday tins are not just for cookies and sweets. Head to the thrift store and find tins in different shapes and holiday color schemes. Make sure the interior is clean and in good shape. You can seal the gift package with tape, pop a ribbon on the top, and call the job done. 


*Turn to the Funny Pages and/or Comics

Funny Pages and Comics

Comics make excellent wrapping paper. If the Sunday paper still includes them, use those pages to wrap the gifts. Use a bow and ribbon color that is found in the color scheme. This is one of the simplest of gift basket wrap ideas, and it works well for boxes too.


*Or Make Use of Old Newspapers and Magazines

Old Newspapers and Magazines

Even the newspaper itself can be put to good use. The pages are large enough to cover a number of box sizes, and the paper is likely to be less expensive than conventional wrapping paper. 


*Print Your Own Wrapping Paper

Own Wrapping Paper

You have a printer and software that allows you to design all sorts of colorful wraps. Why not use this to create wrapping for smaller gifts. You can customize to your heart's content and have something that no one else can offer.

Considering Gifts That Are Already Set to Go

Maybe you're just not much of a gift-wrapping savant. If so, then professional gift wrapping is for you. Make an effort at gift wrap 2022 easier by selecting gifts that are ready to go. This works well for client gifts as well as something to give people you care about.  


A professional service can customize a brand gift box to your liking, often offers a handwritten service so you can make the note more personable, and will handle all the aspects that you expect from a gift wrapping service. If you ask around about a gift wrapping service near me and come up dry, don't worry. You can find plenty of them online. 

Gifts From Nifty Package That Work Well

If you like ordering gifts and having them delivered on your behalf, consider these eight ideas. Doing so makes gift-giving less of a chore, saves time, eliminates the stress of deciding what to give, and ensures everything gets where it needs to go in plenty of time.  


Try these eight gifts and see how they fit in with your plans. 

1. California Gourmet Gift Basket

California Gourmet Gift Basket

Filled with plenty of goodies and even a nice towel, this California gourmet gift basket is sure to be a hit with just about anyone. 

2. Black and White Foodie Holiday Gift

Black and White Foodie Holiday Gift

There are all sorts of goodies in this holiday gift, including peanuts, sausage, soda, cheese, and something sweet to please the most discriminating recipient. 

3. Coffee Crate Gift

Coffee Crate Gift

This wonderful crate of goodies features coffee, chocolate, popcorn, and even a mug to enjoy. 

4. Deluxe Black Market Gift Crate

Deluxe Black Market Gift Crate

Pumpkin loaf, holiday cookies, hot chocolate, and a mug are only the beginning with this excellent deluxe bakery package

5. Holiday Celebration Foodie Gift Basket

Holiday Celebration Foodie Gift Basket

With delights like champagne, sweet and savory snacks, and even a kitchen towel, you can be that this wonderful gift basket is sure to bring a smile to the recipient's lips.

6. Holiday Foodie Basket

Holiday Foodie Basket

Flatbread, eggnog brittle, and salted caramels are only the beginning of what is included in this tasty basket of goodies for the foodies on your list. 

7. Holiday Lights Candle Gift

Holiday Lights Candle Gift

As you enjoy the scent of the gold wassail and spice holiday candle, much on the eggnog brittle and make the most of the salted caramels found in this excellent little gift box

8. Large Gourmet Gift Basket

Large Gourmet Gift Basket

Good things to eat abound in this large basket of holiday goodies. You'll find chocolate-covered peanuts, caramel popcorn, cheese wedges, lemon cookies, and more.  


What's your pleasure? Buy and wrap if that's what you enjoy, and try some of these creative options for wrapping. On the other hand, if you love the idea of finding the ideal gift and ensuring it's wrapped to perfection, make the most of what a professional service offers. Whatever your choice, have a happy holiday!

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