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Custom Packaging: How to Design a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Custom Packaging: How to Design a Memorable Unboxing Experience

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You put a lot of effort into your gift buying. The gift itself is selected with care. Nothing about the gift escapes your notice; the color, size, and other attributes must be a perfect match for the recipient. Nothing less will do. 


While the gift itself is the focus, have you considered how much fun it can be to open it? There's a lot you can do to make that part of the process memorable. In fact, you may want to look as closely at the unboxing experience as you do to selecting the right custom gift wrapping. Here are some basics that will help you create an experience that will be remembered for a long time. 


Understanding Why The Unboxing Experience Matters

While you don't need a special occasion to provide a gift to a loved one, or even to a customer, this may be the reason why coming up with the right present is on your mind. Even if there's no occasion and you're just in the mood to send something as a way to say "thank you" or to let someone know they're special to you, it makes sense to provide a reason to enjoy the experience from the moment the recipient sits down to open the package. 


The nice thing is that you don't have to figure it all out on your own. A professional at a gift wrapping store can provide some ideas of how you can make the unboxing more memorable, in a good way. During the conversation, several ideas of what to do will come up. What follows are some of the more common suggestions that may be ideal for what you have in mind. 

Employ All That You Know About The Recipient

You already know how important it is to select gifts that appeal to the sensibilities of recipients. It makes no sense to offer a gift to someone who has no use for the item. That's why you don't give cookware to people who don't cook, or offer monogrammed golf balls to a person why has never set foot on a golf course. 


You'll want to employ the same strategy when it comes to selecting boxes and wrappings for the gift itself. Think about what's likely to delight the recipient, and find a way to incorporate those ideas into the process. You'll find that the gift wrappers near me and you can often take the information that you provide, and come up with some great ways of how to enhance the packaging, so the recipient gets a bigger kick out of the unboxing. 


Consider Custom Containers in Interesting Shapes

There's no rule that says the box, basket, or other container used for the gift has to be square or rectangular. Have you thought about opting for a box that happens to be round or circular? There are also boxes in other geometric shapes. As long as the gift fits easily into the container, then it's fair game. 


Why go with something with unusual dimensions? As an expert with a package company can confirm, different shapes make the gifts stand out before they're opened. The shape can increase curiosity about what's inside, causing the recipient to have a lot of fun guessing what the gift may be. In this sense, the choice of box or container adds fun to the unboxing experience before the recipient even begins to unwrap anything. 


If you have some ideas for an unusually shaped container, there's bound to be a few package companies that have exactly what you have in mind. You may even find one or two that would be happy to create a custom box for you. 

Use Colors Inside as Well As Outside

You've already come up with a design for the wrapping paper, but what about the tissue paper and other fillers used inside? Think about doing something a little different with those elements. For example, forget about using the standard white tissue paper. Instead, go with tissue that happens to be in colors that are sure to capture the recipient's eye. 


Go with his or her favorite colors, or possibly select a color that has some meaning that only the two of you would readily grasp. Remember that it doesn't have to be the color; you can get patterned tissue paper that may serve the same purpose. 


If you're not sure what would work best, consult with an experienced customized gift wrapper. That expert can offer ideas based on what you share, while still ensuring that the selections provide the practical protection needed to keep the gift from being damaged. 


Using Handwritten Notes Inside

The gift was selected carefully, a quality that makes it somewhat personal already. You can take things to the next level, and prepare a handwritten note that would provide something that's sure to resonate with the recipient. The note can be placed in the box, and on top of the actual gift. That ensures it's not overlooked. 


The note's content could be something simple, like well-wishes for whatever special occasion is coming up. Ideally, you want to keep it short and sweet. The note would give the recipient a reason to pause and read it before continuing to dig into the box and find out what wonders are contained within it. 


You'll find many gift wrapping stores have cards and envelopes that are ideal for this purpose. It won't take long to create the right note, and ensure it's placed strategically within the box.


Incorporate a Gift Within The Gift

One of the most enjoyable ideas is to include an unexpected small gift along with the primary one. This one may be placed near the top, so that it's opened before the rest of the box or basket is inspected. At other times, you may want the secondary gift to be underneath the main one, providing another surprise when it's found. 


For example, there are gift basket wrap ideas that have plenty of goodies that are easily seen when the container is opened. Underneath them could be movie tickets, gift cards, tickets to a sporting event, or some other surprise. That little extra is sure to delight the recipient. 

Include Something About Yourself and Why You Selected That Gift

Even if you write a short note that's found near the top of the contents, opting to include a longer missive underneath the gift may be in order. Even when the recipient is delighted with the gift, he or she may wonder what inspired you to select it. That letter will tell the tale. 


You may remind the recipient of an event that served as the inspiration. Maybe you can explain that it was a random remark that led to the gift selection. It may even be a reminder of an experience the two of you shared in the past. As long as it conjures up a pleasant memory, then the letter will be a welcome addition to go with the gift delivery itself. 

Think About Going With a Box Within a Box

You may be thinking in terms of placing the wrapped gift in a larger box for shipping. That's fine, but what about placing that box in one or two that are also wrapped, and putting everything in the shipping box? Assuming the recipient has a sense of humor, unwrapping one box to find that there's another one to unwrap before getting to the gift can be a lot of fun. 


From a practical point of view, this approach will add a little more protection to the gift itself. When fillers are used to pad around each wrapped box, the potential for shifting or damage is minimized. Providers who provide help with gift wrapping near me and you can give you some pointers on how to use this approach to the best effect. 


Have Fun With the Process

Whether it's choosing custom boxes for gifts or opting for the right wrapping paper and fillers, there are ways to add an element of fun to everything. The outcome of attention to these minor details will be more laughs for the recipient, and an unboxing experience that stands out from the rest. 


Pair the choice of containers, wraps, and fillers with a gift that's selected with care, and there's no doubt that the person receiving the present will have a wonderful time before and during the unwrapping process. If you happen to be around while the gift is opened, the odds are high that you will have a smile on your lips too. 


Considering the choice of container and the wrap to be a key element in the overall experience will be a lot of fun for you and for the person who finally sits down and unwraps the gift. Along with making sure the gift wrap delivery is timely and that everything gets to the recipient at least by the day of the celebrated event, think of how you can make the experience all the more enjoyable. You may be surprised at how many little things will ensure that this turns out to be one of the best special days ever. 

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