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A Rare Commodity~The Value of Handwritten Notes

A Rare Commodity~The Value of Handwritten Notes

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To our friends, colleagues and clients, as we know these are unprecedented times that we have not seen before so instead of writing about the obvious, here are a few ideas of what we can do post covid in this uncertain time.

I was considering what to write for a blog post but stopped for a few minutes while watching a short video my son sent me of two of my little granddaughters running back and forth on the lawn in Florida where they live along with a little puppy my son and daughter in love just purchased, their family loves this new little addition. 

Back to the post, lavender grows in my front yard and for many of you who have received a nifty gift, dried lavender or eucalyptus is usually present in the gift. I was hanging some of the lavender in my garage to dry it out and happened to open one of my doors to some storage, out popped a vintage Valentine card set, a set of cards I purchased a while ago for my grandchildren. I love finding unique cards for my them, it is one way to stay connected. I write them cards. This same son who sent me today's video, sent me a video a while back of Evelyn, one of his daughter's, who had received a letter from me. She was so excited to open it, me too, I was excited she was excited!

Why are handwritten notes valuable? It is a lost art which I think is making a comeback.

A handwritten note facilitates social equality, almost everyone can buy a beautiful stamp and a note card whoever they are and mail it off. 

Handwritten notes are pretty much the first mail to be opened, big attention getters and there is an anticipation that is created. Think about the last handwritten note you received. I open those first! 

Being handwritten, it is unique and rare which creates the anticipation. 

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