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The Value of Handwritten Notes

A Rare Commodity~The Value of Handwritten Notes

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She looked over to the right side of her desk and did not forget!

Which is what one of Nifty’s clients said, then placed an order with us! 

She said, “Michelle, that handwritten note has been sitting on my desk for a year, which is what prompted me to have Nifty write 2000 cards.”

How to stay top of mind for your clients, leads and staff and be ahead of your competitors!

Did you know that there is a 90% open rate for handwritten cards? 

Another client received a tiny yet profound Valentine’s Card from Nifty to show a “little” love, because it was tiny, to which she sent me this note; “Michelle, it was the only Valentine I received, thank you!”

People are weary of their inbox being flooded with buy now, this is great, we are #1, read this and so on. I am not sure about you but for me, it is very noisy! 

Not only that, but how about your time? Adding one more thing that should and needs to be done yet sits in the back of your mind, knowing you need to nurture your leads and clients differently than your competitors. 

You want to do it but time is an issue for you. 

We can absolutely take that burden off by our handwriting service. No, really, we actually write the notes by hand!

I have received many thank you’s after we send out our handwritten notes and cards. It keeps us top of mind and is unique and it can do the same for you!

You have options where you can use a computer generated card or note but at Nifty, we actually mail out beautiful handwritten notes on linen paper and for an additional cost, even sustainable seed paper. 

Nifty offers a subscription service where we hand write your notes, cards and mail them on your behalf. We will write out 7 cards, mail them for $75 per month. Sign up today! 

Back to the post, lavender grows in my front yard and for many of you who have received a nifty gift, dried lavender or eucalyptus is usually present in the gift. I was hanging some of the lavender in my garage to dry it out and happened to open one of my doors to some storage, out popped a vintage Valentine card set, a set of cards I purchased a while ago for my grandchildren. I love finding unique cards for them, it is one way to stay connected. I write them cards. One of my three sons sent me a video a while back of Evelyn, one of his daughter's, who had received a letter from me. She was so excited to open it, me too, I was excited she was excited!

Why are handwritten notes valuable? It is a lost art which I think is making a comeback.

A handwritten note facilitates social equality, almost everyone can buy a beautiful stamp and a note card whoever they are and mail it off. 

Handwritten notes are pretty much the first mail to be opened, big attention getters and there is an anticipation that is created. Think about the last handwritten note you received. I open those first! 

Being handwritten, it is unique and rare which creates the anticipation of opening the card!

Now, head over to where Nifty offers a subscription service where we hand write your notes, cards and mail them on your behalf!

Your gift concierge company~



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