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A Luxury Gift Guide For Him & Her

A Luxury Gift Guide For Him & Her

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An essential event in the life of someone you know is coming up. You'd like to do something a little special to commemorate that event. Have you considered the idea of selecting a luxury gift? If this is not something you've done for this person in the past, determining how to go about it may be a little confusing. Here are some points to remember as you start looking for the perfect choice.

Luxury gift with gold

What Constitutes a Luxury Gift?

Luxury is all about comfort and extravagance. It's a means of enjoying some pampering rather than being related to day-to-day living. What you are hoping to do by selecting a luxury gift is to provide the recipient with something they are less likely to splurge on for themselves. 


This may require adjusting your typical approach to giving gifts. There is no considering what someone could use on a daily basis or even for an extended amount of time. Those are the types of things that will be fine at other times. For this occasion, you want to find just the right options, make sure they are beautifully presented in the best of luxury boxes, and come as a complete surprise to the recipient. 


In other words, stay away from thoughtful but common gifts like household appliances or clothing. You'll be going for something that the person is not likely to buy for themselves. As you prepare to shop, keep the following tips in mind. 

Chocolate gift

Setting Your Personal Tastes to One Side

One of the most common mistakes people make with gift-giving is selecting things that they personally find attractive or that they would like to receive. This is not the path you want to follow. Doing so increases the danger of buying something to your taste and not necessarily to the taste of the person you wish to celebrate. 

For this reason, you will need to step outside of your way of evaluating gift options and try to focus on what you know about the recipient. There may be areas where the two of you share something in common. Even then, try to concentrate more on what you know the other person  likes and thinks within the context of those areas. Even when it comes to selecting something like beautiful spa baskets in custom luxury boxes, let their tastes govern your choices.

Italian cuisine gift

Settling on The Type of Gift That's Appropriate Based on The Relationship

For example, is the recipient your spouse or a long-term love interest? In that case, the intimate nature of the relationship leaves room to spend as much as you like. For example, your husband or long-term boyfriend is likely to appreciate something like a travel grooming kit as your choice for luxury gifting. The same is not necessarily true if the gift is intended for someone you've only been dating for a few weeks. 


Perhaps the recipient is a sibling or other close relative. It makes sense that you would want to spend more money on something for someone who is such an essential part of your life. That means you can feel good about spending whatever it takes to find the perfect gift. 


How about best friends? Without a doubt, the relationship is a close one. That means it's fine to spend a little more than usual. In fact, you can have a lot of fun picking out a luxury gift for a best friend, especially since you already know a good bit about what he or she likes. 


Relationships based on business ties are another matter. In the case of a coworker, a luxury gift that's a little too personal can make things awkward around the office. You can focus on identifying luxury gifts that are likely to be appreciated but don't imply there's anything more than a working relationship between the two of you. 


It's also a good idea to know boundaries when it comes to giving a luxury gift to a client. Many businesses have strict rules about what employees can accept in the way of gifts from suppliers and vendors. In this scenario, you want to respect those limits. Doing so can still be somewhat personal based on what you know about the recipient and avoid the potential of landing the client in hot water with his or her boss. 

Determining How Much to Spend Matters Too

A good rule of thumb is that the closer the relationship, the freer you can feel about spending more for the luxury gift. While there are times when it's appropriate, and you have the desire to buy this type of gift for someone who is not considered close, those are few and far between. When that occasion arises, ask a few questions before determining that the amount chosen is reasonable. 


For example, luxury food items in a beautiful basket will work fine in a number of situations. The gift of jewelry may or may not be appropriate due to the cost as well as the fact that jewelry is of a more intimate nature. Even then, you may want to go with a less opulent basket for those more on the edges of your social circle. 


You're the only one who can decide how much is appropriate to spend. Remember, it's not just what you can afford or how much your employer has allocated for sending a gift to a client. The point is to keep the cost within a range that's likely not to cause the recipient to feel uncomfortable accepting your offering.

Crockery dishes tableware cup

Identifying Key Interests

The interests of the recipient are always excellent for getting ideas for luxury gifts. They don't have to be intimate in nature in order to be personal. In fact, customized gifts may work well, depending on the likes and dislikes of the individual. 


Maybe you know someone who is an avid golfer. Have you ever considered the idea of having custom tees or ball markers prepared? Perhaps luxury towels for use on the course would be a welcome and appreciated choice. 


Someone who loves to discover new coffees or teas might be delighted to receive a gift basket brimming with international selections to try. When the package includes a beautiful mug or a cup and saucer set, that makes things all the better. 


Along with making the most of what you know about key interests, try to find out what others have given recently. This will help reduce the risk of giving something the recipient already has in abundance. It will also mean that neither you nor the recipient will find it necessary to deal with the awkwardness that would follow.

With an Emphasis on Wants

There's a distinction between standard gift-giving and luxury gifting. It has to do with focusing on wants and setting needs aside for the moment. In short, your goal is to offer a gift that the recipient would be highly unlikely to get for himself or herself. 


There are plenty of ways to draw on what you know and come up with ideas. For example, someone who loves to keep something to snack on around would delight in receiving a candy dish filled with some exotic chocolates or other sweets that can be displayed on a desk. Have the dish and candy packed in one of several options for luxury gift boxes, and you have a winner. 


You never know when this type of gesture may have more of an impact than you expected. The gift of something that's a little extravagant and happens to relate directly to something the recipient enjoys can make a bad day into a good one. Long after the candy is gone, the recipient will remember how you made them feel. 

Luxury gift wrapping

Details Matter: Even the Packaging

Most of the emphasis is on selecting the ideal luxury gift. However, it's essential to consider how the gift is presented. That means paying attention to the type of luxury packaging boxes that would work with the gift. 


The joy of receiving a gift begins the moment it's placed in the hands of the recipient. Before he or she sees what's inside, the packaging is noticed. When that packaging is attractive, it helps to set the stage for what will come next. 


See the use of luxury boxes for packaging as a way to add one more special touch to the occasion. The right choice indicates you put a lot of thought into every detail of this gift. Even the packaging was selected with care, something that's sure to make your contribution to the celebration all the more memorable. 


Remember that luxury gifts are intended to convey your appreciation for the recipient and to ensure that the occasion is celebrated properly. Choose the gift wisely, and don't forget to ensure the packaging is a key element in the entire process. You'll find that being presented with a beautiful package and finding a treasure inside will make the occasion all the more memorable. 

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