The History of the Gift Basket

The History of the Gift Basket

I was recently reading an article about the famous Longaberger basket empire, sad to say they lost their business for a variety of reasons, however, it got me thinking about the history of gift baskets. The Longaberger company once had 8000 employees and sold around 1 billion dollars in sales. That is quite impressive when you think about how it was a business based on baskets. 

The history of the gift basket is quite interesting. Baskets or hampers, have quite a legacy.  |  Nifty Package Co

Even though Longaberger has closed, we believe gift baskets are here to stay, although they might evolve in their appearance. Subscription box companies are one of the more modern takes on gift baskets. 

Baskets, or hampers, have a legacy that began long before Longaberger came on the scene. In the Bible, Moses was put into a basket and placed in a river to be saved.

Supposedly, the Easter Basket came from the historical pagan goddess, Eostre. She carried plants in a basket to be used as a sacred offering. Although many of us celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection on Easter, we still have Easter egg hunts and use fun colored baskets to carry the eggs. It is a fun tradition for our own family.


The Easter Basket

Baskets have also been used for utilitarian purposes and not just for gifts. Eggs, flowers and other sundries were taken from place to place, like from the farm stable to the house or to town to be sold at market.

Baskets made in other countries outside the US

A lot of gift baskets are still made by hand like the famous Longaberger basket mentioned earlier. You can purchase wholesale gift baskets online, however at Nifty Package Co., we hand make every gift for you and your recipient. This means not only are you supporting NPB, but you are also supporting a small local gift basket company.  One of my clients said she loved the fact that we add our personal touch to all that we do, and we are proud of it!


Contact us today, we will make a fabulous gift basket and your recipient will say,

"Hi Michelle,

Thank you for helping me with the gift basket and delivering it to my office. Lorna loved it.  The girls in my office wanted to keep it." ~A happy client!

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